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The First & Only Armenian-American Top 40 Radio Station on Earth! Check out the host, a crazy Italian named Paisan Kapitan, as he teamed up with an authentic, Armenian beauty, Kristina. These two amazing personalities play all of their favorite Armenian Hits, broadcasting from Chummy Studios in Los Angeles, California.

This is a perfect show choice for your next BBQ, drive-time to work, background music at the office or while working out. The show is overflowing with ENERGY and FUN as Paisan and Kristina will have you dancing, laughing and shouting with joy.

Music Licensing provided by ASCAP (40008789) and BMI (61051144).


October 24, 2020

Walking Out Victory

Haig's Kabob House presents HYE JAMS RADIO with Paisan Kapitan normally coming to you from his boat in Marina Del Rey, California, jamming his favorite Armenian Music on the harbor with his friends. However, as Paisan said in the show, "we're not in party mode right now."

Paisan turns the frown upside down in this show, believing for victory for the good people of Artsakh and their friends and families in Armenia. Kapitan welcomes a couple of amazing guests:

First, Armenian Activist "Goliath" joins the show with an update from the Peaceful Protest front on-location and online. 

Next, Paisan welcomes Armenia Fund President, Maria Mehranian for an update on the donations and needs of the people. Donations are still needed. Listen and help!

#artsakhstrong #armenia

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October 15, 2020

Artsakh is Armenia

Paisan Kapitan, Italian host of Hye Jams, has had enough and in this short Episode (song) he is proving to his audience that you don't have to be Armenian to take a stand for Artsakh and Armenia.

While the chorus clearly chants, "Artsakh is Armenia", Kapitan is aware that from a technical point of view, Artsakh is really a Republic all on it's own. But like Puerto Rico is for the United States, incredible nationals with the same values as the mother land lend the perception that they are both one in the same.

God bless Artsakh. God bless Armenia. God bless America. Pray!!


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October 12, 2020

Love Letters to the Soldiers

Special Edition: HYE JAMS RADIO with Paisan Kapitan brings you a show designed specifically for the true heros on the front line in Armenia. Paisan went to the streets of America and recorded well wishes from American-Armenians, including Spitakci Hayko, Super Sako and Harout Pamboukjian.

In-between public outcry, enjoy appropriately themed music from Tigran Asatryan, Armenchik, Sarina Cross and many others.

Please share this show with your friends and family in Armenia and encourage them to send the link to the troops.

(Show recorded in English with an Armenian translator)

#artsakhstrong #armeniastrong 

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